Sony Introduces Book Device for PlayStation 3

Sony gives an new take on the book with an integration of the centuries-old medium onto the PlayStation 3. The company introduces its latest hardware called Wonderbook, a peripheral of the PS3 console that interacts with your TV and PlayStation Move system, thus creating new ways of gaming and learning.

The Wonderbook project moving images to the TV. The device does not display the book itself, but “visual representations.” With the use of the PlayStation Eye camera, users make gestures that are used to interact with the book’s contents.

The first title Sony will offer is the J.K. Rowling-penned “Book of Spells,” an augmented-reality version of a story that revolves around the Harry Potter Universe. The Book of Spells lets users learn virtual spells by waving the PlayStation Move over the Wonderbook.

Enjoying the Wonderbook, however, would require users to purchase the Eye camera and Move controller apart from the PlayStation 3 console. The new peripheral will be available this holiday season.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
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