Nintendo Reveals Details About iPad Rival Wii U

Nintendo launches its first console in six years with hopes that it would bring the Japanese company back on the green after reporting a loss worth almost $ 460 million from last year.

The Wii U supports up to two tablet-like Gamepad controllers that Nintendo intends to compete with the iPad. Unlike Apple’s iconic tablet, though, games on the Wii Pad can be played in the Gamepad or beamed on the TV for a multiplayer experience.

Among the first batch of titles for the Wii U is a dedicated “Super Mario Bros.” The console will also carry video content from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and Hulu. Nintendo also introduces a social gaming network dubbed “Miiverse.”

Although the Wii U sounds promising, it still faces challenges from Microsoft’s IE-integrated Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 that now supports an interactive book device, not to mention the iPad and its game apps that cost a fraction of Nintendo games–sometimes even for free.

Source: Reuters

Photo credit: Engadget
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