Karaoke for Xbox Live Begins December 11

If you would rather belt a tune and move to the groove, you would definitely be singing songs of praise with this news.

Microsoft and Stingray Digital Group have collaborated for “Karaoke,” which will be available on Xbox Live beginning December 11th. The game can be downloaded for free, but aspiring karaoke superstars would have to purchase playing sessions of two, six, and 24 hours. The sessions are prices at 240, 400, and 800 Microsoft points respectively.

Karaoke has a vast library of over 8,000 licensed songs from different genres, including oldies to hip-hop and RB, so that every member of the family can join in. Players can only pay for streaming songs; they cannot download them. The game also requires an Xbox 360 headset, a wireless microphone, or a USB-compatible mic to get the party going.

While it may be off-putting that you will have to pay for every Karaoke session, it could less expensive in the long run than going to traditional karaoke lounges, completely dressed up, and ordering steeply-priced cocktails and food.

Source: Microsoft, via Engadget
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