Ouya Developer Kits Shipping on December 28

The makers of Ouya, the highly-anticipated Android-based gaming console, have announced that its developer kits will be shipped to select Kickstarter backers beginning December 28th. They also stated that Ouya’s software development kit will be available on that same day.

The Ouya will be smaller than traditional consoles, as illustrated in the photo in this post. The company expects the developer kits to land into backers’ doorsteps “within a couple days” of the 28th, while final units are still expected to ship by March 2013.

So what’s the difference between the developer unit and the final version? Not much, considering how the company promised that “every Ouya will be a dev console.” However, Ouya hinted that dev units will be “pretty special.”

Source: Kickstarter, via Engadget
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