Sony Announces PlayStation 4

Sony has finally formally announced the launch of PlayStation 4, more than six years after its predecessor was unveiled. The company does not reveal what the console looks like, but its representatives showed off the controller that–as we have speculated–features a touchpad.

But apparently, the new DualShock 4 controller has other aces up its sleeve: it includes a motion sensor, represented by a light bar at the top, making it easy for the console to identify players. It is like the PlayStation Move, but this time you are using both hands. The controller also has a Share button, where players can easily distribute videos to friends.

Sony also says the new console would sport highly-advanced graphics processing, similar to high-end PCs, as well as a heavily-integrated social component and a “Remote Play” feature that would enable players to continue their games from PS4 to PlayStation Vita.

And as previously reported, PlayStation 4 will offer game streaming courtesy of its acquisition of Gaikai. This service would allow gamers to instantly try the titles on the PlayStation Store and broadcast their play sessions in real time.

The launch event held in New York also came with the introduction of PS4’s upcoming titles made by high-profile studios, including Halo creator Bungie with its upcoming online action game Destiny; Square Enix and a new Final Fantasy title; and Blizzard that is set to launch Diablo III for the new console.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is expected to be available on retail in time for the holiday season, which means you have a lot of time to save up.

Source: USA Today
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