Ouya to Bring Final Fantasy III to TV

Gamers who have been so excited about Ouya have another reason to get giddy: the Android-based gaming console forged a partnership with Square Enix to develop a console version of “Final Fantasy III.”

Pitched on Kickstarter crowd-funding website, Ouya is funded by almost 46,000 individuals and has reached about $ 5.9 million–not bad for a project with a funding goal of $ 950,000–with eight days left before deadline as of this posting.

Making FFIII playable on TV would be a milestone for this role-playing game, as it would be the first time the title would be available on a console outside Japan. Video gamers in the United States never got the chance to play the 22-year-old game until it arrived to Nintendo DS in 2006. The Ouya edition would be the first time Americans will get to play the game on TV. FFIII for Ouya will be updated to support HD televisions, along with some minor tweaks.

Having a major video game company like Square Enix, the publisher behind the phenomenal Final Fantasy series among many other popular titles, support this upstart gaming console says a lot on how the company looks at the future of gaming.

Source: MSNBC
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