Ringbow Finger Controller

Playing games with your smartphone or touchscreen device can sometimes be a challenge. Aside from the usually small screen surface, the virtual buttons can sometimes take up some space in an already limited screen real estate. In order to address this, an enterprising team of designers is coming up with the Ringbow, a gaming controller that you can wear on your finger instead and not on the touchscreen surface.

The Ringbow is a unique gaming peripheral in that there is currently nothing like it available in the market yet. But what it does is put your gaming controls on your finger that you wear like a ring. The Ringbow comes with Bluetooth connectivity that makes it a wireless controller. It comes with its own 9-direction D Pad controller button and a 5 hour battery life. Although getting accustomed to using it may take a while, the Ringbow does provide a unique alternative as a gaming controller for portable mobile devices. It is currently up for some fund raising at Kickstarter where those interested may be able to get one with a contribution of US$ 45.

Image Source: Kickstarter
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