Nintendo Unveils Wii Mini Currently Exclusive to Canada

Nintendo has announced a new version of its Wii console. The crimson-bordered Wii Mini is a trimmed-down Nintendo Wii, taking away both GameCube compatibility (which already happened in the 2011 edition) and, more importantly, Internet access.

Removing online access would make the Wii Mini the most barebone among the Wii’s, just like previous Nintendo consoles that plays games and nothing else. However, the console still has parental controls that let parents manage the content their children can access.

The Nintendo Wii Mini will be available exclusively in Canada beginning December 7th for $ 99.99. No word yet on whether it will become available in other markets. It comes with a red Wii Remote Plus, a red Nunchuk controller, and is compatible with most Wii accessories.

Source: Nintendo Canada, via Engadget
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